• Veronica’s First Ever Surf In Barbados

    Veronica’s First Ever Surf In Barbados

    Way back in winter we meet little Veronica. We were just about to close early when Veronica showed up on the hill looking for some surf coaching. I had said the conditions were super average and that she would be better to join us tomorrow morning. I can be honest and say that I had plans that involved a couch and some junk food with plenty of choclate biscuits and cups of tea.

    Dwayne stepped up and gained HERO points! He gave Veronica a thorough beach brief and got her in the water. These are her very first waves with us and the beginning of a strong surfing foundation. Since this day we have seen Little V and the entire family many times at Freight’s Bay. Always a pleasure to have the family in the water. Dad is going to have to watch his back as Veronica improves. She will soon be over taking him with her surf skills.

    Surf lessons for children are a speciality at Surf school Barbados. Attentive surf coaches make the surfing magic possible sharing the stoke & fun.